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Low Profile TV Wall Mount

LED Tv Wall Mount

• Simple & Stylish,

• Ultra Slim Design,

• Value for Price,

• Concealed Cabling,

• Neat Appearance,

• Easy To Install,

• Durable

Low Profile Tilting TV Wall Mount

Tilting TV Wall Mount

• Sleek & Stylish

• Great Price

• Close to wall design

• Tilting functionality

• Easy mounting

• Security locking mechanism

• High Tech Look

• Free Air Circulation behind TV



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FrequentlyAsked Questions

Why do I need a professional installation?

This is a very important question we need to cover in detail before we actually cover anything else.

First of all your TV is heavy machinery. It takes skilled effort to move around and much more to hold it up and mount it securely on a wall.

Secondly, your LCD LED TV, surely, must have cost some money. It doesn’t matter if you just bought a best 3D HDTV or just a flat-screen TV. Mount it incorrectly and you risk having it fall off the wall. No warranty will cover such an expensive mistake.

Thirdly professional installation is easier, cheaper and quicker. Saves time and frustration. Let a certified professional do the TV wall-mounting as it is always safe. Fourthly we will look at the wall conditions, how the other components of your home theatre will be connected to the TV, what type of wall mounts to use etc...

Do we need to provide any material for the technicians to do the job?

No, for sure we will bring the materials required to do the TV wall mount.

Does the TV require an exclusive stabilizer?

Yes of course, if required as it safeguards the TV from voltage fluctuations.

At what height should the TV be fixed?

The height will be determined after seeing the room and the ideal height is normally arrived by taking into account the position of the viewer also.

Can you provide accessories such as HDMI cables, Speaker cables, VGA cables etc if required?

Yes we can, we can provide you with whatever you need at unbeatable prices , please let us know your requirements before we come to your place.

How long do you take to complete installation ?

Most installations are completed in 1-2 hours, with platinum packages taking a little longer.

Do you offer installation consultation?

FREE installation consultation to every client is offered by FIXWEL

Who performs my installation?

Only qualified and experienced electricians, do the job.

• Does the installation package include wall bracket cost? YES

• Could there be any additional charges?

At FIXWEL the price you see is the price you pay. However, in certain circumstances you will need a custom installation, in these instances we will discuss the options with you first before proceeding.

Is there someone I can talk to if I have any questions?

Sure just contact us @ 7667788993 or email us at

What areas do you cover in Tamil Nadu?

FIXWEL is head quartered in Chennai and we cover Chennai and Chennai suburban areas. Also on prior request our engineers will be ready to cover other districts of Tamil Nadu.

Do you extend your services when we shift our residence/office?

Yes we do, our re-installation package takes care of your worries in shifting your TV to your new office/residence. Dismantling services are offered to clients who have purchased our TV wall brackets/ TV wall mounts. Once we remove the TV, we close the hole with white cement.

Can I pay on the day of installation?

Absolutely! Just give us a call and book directly with one of our engineers and you can pay when you have seen the installation is done.